Almost another win...

Almost had my second tournement win tonight.

I've been following a poker site called ChiliPoker on Facebook and Twitter and they have announced via both sites that they are holding a series of 'Community Freerolls' for people following them on these sites.

The first freeroll was tonight so I though I'd give it a go.

The tournement started off with 45 players and I managed to get heads up with a very aggresive player and was doing OK until I ran into the hand below. Usually, in heads-up play, top pair with a King kicker is a pretty good hand, until you find your opponent was slow playing Pocket Queens! Here it is:


This left my opponent with a commanding chip lead and I then crashed out of the game 9 hands later when I shoved with Kd 6d and he called with Ks 4s and hit a 4 on the flop!

Oh well.

The next on of these 'Community Freerolls' is on the 10th May at 1600 BST so I'll have to see if I can make that one and go one better!