Disappointing WCOOP Highlights on pokerstars.tv

Over the last couple of weeks Pokerstars has been running is WCOOP series of tournements and it has been great to keep up with each of these tournaments by reading about them on the Pokerstars Blog.

I was even more impressed (at least initially) to find mention of the fact that video highlights of some of these tournements were being made available via the pokerstars.tv site.

The disappointment comes with the fact that the only tournaments featured on pokerstars.tv are Texas Hold'em events. Given that out of the 33 tournaments, 16 of them were non-Hold'em tournaments (including 7 Ohama tournaments) I find this very disappointing.

I know No Limit Hold'em is by far and away the most popular variation of poker, but there is an increasing number of people (me included) that are discovering the joys of Pot Limit Ohama and it would've been nice to have seen one or two of the Ohama tournaments in the video highlights.