Finally getting some better results

In my last blog entry I was bemoaning the fact that I was getting sucked out a hell of a lot. It gets very frustating to be playing good poker but not getting the results to reflect that.

In the last month or so, things have gotten a bit better and the suck outs have not been happening so often.

Last month I was able to qualify for the month PKR Masters tournement. PKR run satellites starting at $2, and I was able to work my way through from one of the $2 satellites to get a seat at the Masters that took place on the 2nd Oct. The Masters is unusual in the fact that it runs on a Saturday night and not a Sunday, which is when the big tourneys for other sites run.

Alas my good run through the 3 satellites I had to go through to get there couldn't continue into the cash on the night, going out in 80th place with the final 50 getting paid. So near yet so far

Since then have been playing mainly STT's on PKR and Pokerstars (both at the $3 level) and have been slowly building up my bank roll on each, so not looking bad at the moment.

The next challenge is to take the Pokerstars Step 3 ticket that I have and see if I can get any further up the Steps ladder.