Lets call a spade a spade - No.1

One of the things that really irritates me in our society at the moment is the use of alternative phrases to make something sound different (in most cases better) that what it really is.

An obvious example of this in the UK at the moment is the expression "Credit Crunch". This is being banded around in the media as an alternative for the word recession because it doesn't make the situation sound as bad as calling it a recession.

I've just seen another one in a press release on the Green Party website at http://www.greenparty.org.uk/news/2008-12-18-LibDemRoadOutofRecession.html. The phrase used is "tax avoidance". Sorry, last time I looked this was called tax evasion, a nasty thing that is worse that benefit fraud but something that the government does not seem to be doing much about, as opposed to the excessive amount of resources that they put it to "cracking down" on benefit fraud.

Still, the press release is saying that something should be done about this, but I wish they would call it what it is.

Anyway - Rant Over :-)