My new favourite Poker podcast

I listen to a few poker podcast, some come and go, with the others some are good listening and others not so good, so it was great to come across one which sounds good and should be regular as it is also a weekly radio show.

The podcast in question is the Bernard Lee Poker Show podcast. It is initially broadcast live on the radio station 1510 The Zone (WWZN) on Tuesdays and is then put up on the Internet as a podcast on the site Rounder's Radio.

The thing I particularly like about this show is that is sounds like a traditional American sports radio show, like you would get an an ESPN or Fox Sports affliate (in fact WWZN is, according to it's website, a Sporting News Radio affliate) as opposed to a show that started out on the Internet in the first place.

For anyone who uses a Podcatcher or RSS Reader, you can get the podcast directly from