Still can't win on Pokerstars

I am currently experiencing an odd phenomenon in my poker playing. I have money deposited in 4 online poker sites; Pokerstars, Betfair, BlueSquare Poker and PKR, and whilst I am making a profit on Betfair, BlueSquare Poker and PKR, I just cannot seem to win on Pokerstars.

Pokerstars was the first online poker site I deposited money on just under a year ago, attracted to it due to the fact that they organise the European Poker Tour (EPT) and, in my naivety, thought I could go straight for trying to qualify for the EPT instead of taking time to actually learn how to play the game!

Blew my first deposit on a couple of Step 1 Sit & Go's and some $3 or $5 regular Sit & Go's.

Put in second deposit and have tried chipping this up through mainly $1 and $3 STT's (also had one go at the Sunday Two Hundred Grand) but after all this was left with less than the 2nd Deposit I make. Managed to chip up a little bit through $1 Double or Nothing STT's during December and managed to almost get back to the value of the 2nd deposit but since the beginning of the New Year I haven't been able to win anything and the number of suckouts that have gone against me in that time is quite suprising (down right unbelievable to be honest).

I know that some people will read this and say that I'm probably just a bad player and this is some kind of variance thing that hitting me but at the microstake level I play a solid game, but if all you get dealt is things like 6-8o or 7-2o all the time there is no way, even if you manage to bluff some pots, of being able to win anything.

I'll have to see what happens for the rest of the month and see if I can chip up enough to try one of the small buy-in satellites for EPT Copenhagen (Thanks to this downswing I wasn't able to try any satellites for the EPT Deauville main event which starts next Tuesday, oh well!).