Time flies, even when things don't always go well

I have just spotted on the Pokerstars.com website that this year's WBCOOP has been announced.

For one thing, it doesn't feel like a year since the last WBCOOP. Last year's WBCOOP was great for me. From the win I had in one of the tournaments last year, I was able to go on and play in two SCOOP events and had a good cash in one of them (got bad beated out of the other one, but that's another story).

For another, I've just realised that it has been 3 months since I last wrote on the blog. I can't believe it has really been 3 months since I played in my first PKR Masters. It also means it has been about 3 months since I played the Step 3 Sit 'n' Go on Pokerstars. Alas I wasn't able to progress any further on that attempt with the Steps Sit 'n' Goes after getting Pocket Aces cracked and finishing 8th :-(

In the intervening time I've tried satelliting my way back into the PKR Masters, but as of yet have not quite managed to do this and have tried some of the FPP Steps Sit 'n' Goes (the 15 and 60 FPP multi-table ones) but as of yet haven't got further than a Step 2. Most of the time I've spent playing has been on grinding out $3 and $5 Sit 'n' Goes on Pokerstars and PKR to build up my bankroll on each site and that at least has gone well and the bankrolls are steadily increasing.

Here's looking at a good year personally for poker, and a good way to start out the year is with a few tournaments in the SCOOP in a few months time.