WBCOOP Event 1 - Not a bad start

Last night marked the start of the week long series of events on Pokerstars called the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker, or WBCOOP for short.

As I occassionally blog, I managed to get tickets to enter 2 of the 7 WBCOOP events running through this week, ending with the 7th event on Sunday, the WBCOOP Main Event.

I used one of those tickets to enter last nights 1st event and will use the other to enter the Main Event on Sunday.

The starting field for last nights tournament was 1688, with the top 153 finishers getting tickets for entry to events in the Spring Championship of Online Poker (or SCOOP for short). Depending on exactly how high the finishing position was determined the value of the ticket.

After almost 5 hours of play I finished in 36th place winning a $33 SCOOP Ticket.

The penultimate hand I played crippled me, leaving me with a stack of less than 1/2 a big blind. I raised with a pair of Kings and was called by one other player. It turned out that he had a pair of Jacks and make a set on the flop. All the money went in on the turn and as no king appeared on the river, that was basically that.

I could've been very unset at a nasty suckout like that, but can't really complain as, in an earlier hand, I ran a pair of Tens into a pair of Queens but managed to hit a set on that hand.

All in all, not a bad evening.

Looking forward to Sunday and the WBCOOP Main Event. I'll let you know how it goes.