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Just over a year ago I came across an article on about a TV show that was, at that point, only being released for download on the Internet. For those in the know, this was probably nothing special, except, that it was being produced by professionals, and not just any old professionals but by actors and crew from the people that brought us Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis no less.

The show was called Sanctuary, and now it has been revamped and is debuting on the SciFi channel in the USA on the 3rd October.

I saw the first webisode and was impressed at the quality of the production given that it was something that was, at the time, a web only show.

Having watched the trailers on the SciFi Channel's website, the quality of the production, incredibly, appears to be even better that the webisode I saw, so I will be eagerly awaiting to see it when it makes it way over to the UK.

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