Just found a posting on the Pokerstar's Blog about a series of events they are running called the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker.

I love the idea that someone has made this rather odd link between Blogging and Poker and managed to convince someone to made a event out of it.

The blog entry can be found here (http://www.pokerstarsblog.com/2008/12/wbcoop-2008-calling-all-bloggers.html) and more details can be found on the PokerStars website at http://www.pokerstars.com/blog_tournament/

The other interesting thing is in the small print at the bottom of http://www.pokerstars.com/blog_tournament/ and is the mention of something called the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). I can't see any other mention of this on the Pokerstars website, so I guess we'll have to wait a little bit to see what it is all about, but if it is anything like the WCOOP series that is held each year on PokerStars it should be something well worth looking forward to!

I listen to a few poker podcast, some come and go, with the others some are good listening and others not so good, so it was great to come across one which sounds good and should be regular as it is also a weekly radio show.

The podcast in question is the Bernard Lee Poker Show podcast. It is initially broadcast live on the radio station 1510 The Zone (WWZN) on Tuesdays and is then put up on the Internet as a podcast on the site Rounder's Radio.

The thing I particularly like about this show is that is sounds like a traditional American sports radio show, like you would get an an ESPN or Fox Sports affliate (in fact WWZN is, according to it's website, a Sporting News Radio affliate) as opposed to a show that started out on the Internet in the first place.

For anyone who uses a Podcatcher or RSS Reader, you can get the podcast directly from http://roundersradio.libsyn.com/rss/Bernard%20Lee%20Poker%20Shows

Two of my passions are radio and podcasts and as I also have an interest in politics it is nice to find some radio shows and/or podcasts with either a political or current affairs theme.

One such show/podcast that I listen to is the show called Wait, Wait, Don't Tell me on NPR stations.

For someone like me, this week's show (which was broadcast last Saturday) was particularly special as it featured none other than Leonard Nimoy (aka Spock from the original Star Trek series). He was very enjoyable to listen to and came across very well on the show.

For anyone who missed it and enjoys a little bit of political satire (mixed with a little bit an celebrity entertainment) should be able to get the podcast of the show from the NPR site.

Over the last couple of weeks Pokerstars has been running is WCOOP series of tournements and it has been great to keep up with each of these tournaments by reading about them on the Pokerstars Blog.

I was even more impressed (at least initially) to find mention of the fact that video highlights of some of these tournements were being made available via the pokerstars.tv site.

The disappointment comes with the fact that the only tournaments featured on pokerstars.tv are Texas Hold'em events. Given that out of the 33 tournaments, 16 of them were non-Hold'em tournaments (including 7 Ohama tournaments) I find this very disappointing.

I know No Limit Hold'em is by far and away the most popular variation of poker, but there is an increasing number of people (me included) that are discovering the joys of Pot Limit Ohama and it would've been nice to have seen one or two of the Ohama tournaments in the video highlights.

Just over a year ago I came across an article on OSNews.com about a TV show that was, at that point, only being released for download on the Internet. For those in the know, this was probably nothing special, except, that it was being produced by professionals, and not just any old professionals but by actors and crew from the people that brought us Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis no less.

The show was called Sanctuary, and now it has been revamped and is debuting on the SciFi channel in the USA on the 3rd October.

I saw the first webisode and was impressed at the quality of the production given that it was something that was, at the time, a web only show.

Having watched the trailers on the SciFi Channel's website, the quality of the production, incredibly, appears to be even better that the webisode I saw, so I will be eagerly awaiting to see it when it makes it way over to the UK.

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